ITV Management:Improved supply chain transparency and communications drives greater efficiency and allows for more information to be available to customers and managers. This improves customer satisfaction and profitability. With our asset and cargo management tracking system, we have you covered. NFL Transportation has extensive experience delivering high value In-Transit Visibility solutions that leverage the most recent innovations to provide value added services that include:
  • Dispatch / Route Optimization / Route Compliance
  • Asset/Cargo Tracking and Optimized Utilization
  • Real Time Pickup and Delivery Status
  • Current Location and History
  • Driver Automation and Productivity
  • Inventory Control / Mobile Inventory
Whether its asset tracking or distribution and warehouse management, NFL Transportation delivers the right solutions for materials management.
Operations Center : NFL Transportation maintains multiple Operation Centers throughout Southwest Asia and the UAE. The intent is to be conveniently located for personalized service and to provide redundant tracking operations to ensure total in-transit visibility. Our Operations Centers operate on a 24/7 basis and our logistics experts are available to answer questions day or night.