Mission Statement
Our Mission is to provide world class services that exceed the requirements of our customers, resulting in a reasonable return on effort, to ensure the financial success and continued growth of our Company. Although Transportation and Logistics is our technical expertise, people are what make our business strong. We will consistently improve our systems and seek other like-minded groups to conduct business with.
Vision Statement
Our infrastructure should expand to meet the needs of the local community and requirements of the global market. As such, NFL is committed to continual growth and development in order to remain the leading edge transport and logistics service provider in Southwest Asia.
We will achieve our vision through:
  • Trust and Accountability to ourselves and our clients
  • Continuing to improve processes and procedures
  • Providing the best Value to our clients
  • Growing and developing with technology
  • Operating our business and lifestyles with Integrity
Since 2009, Nobleman Freight Logistics has been swiftly gaining a reputation in Afghanistan for exceptional customer service and consistent on time performance. Starting out with only a few well maintained assets and professional drivers, NFL has rapidly achieved success through controlled growth to become a leading transporter and logistics service provider in the Afghan community and throughout Southwest Asia and the Middle East. NFL has been supporting the long haul trucking, supply chain management, and procurement needs of NATO, the United States Government, the United Nations, and major corporations, and the Afghan people for over eight years. In that time period, NFL has remained true to its core business which has enabled the company to achieve tremendous experience and success in the transportation and logistics arena. By focusing on strengthening our organization and expanding our reach, we enable our company to continue playing a key role in the development and betterment of Afghanistan well into the future.
Core Business
Nobleman Freight Logistics is a leader in providing innovative logistics solutions that streamline complex supply chains. We are committed to providing the highest level of efficiency and visibility in logistics management in order to produce optimal results and total customers assurance. With our vast reach and unmatched local expertise, we are a one stop logistics solution connecting Afghanistan to the rest of the world.
Our Core Business is:
  • Transportation
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Warehousing & Storage
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Customs Clearance Operations
  • Industrial Equipment Rental and Servicing